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Taxi Isle of Wight Cowes – Hospitality

Hospitality event Taxi Isle of wight cowes

This is often the event type most associated with the term “corporate event” by the general public. Hospitality is usually used for rewarding, incentivising and building relationships both internally with employees and externally with customers and suppliers. It ranges from a simple dinner to VIP experiences at sporting events and music concerts. Often businesses will sponsor an event receiving hospitality packages and brand visibility across the event, this can happen on various levels, from the local rugby club or football team right through to O2 sponsoring sporting arenas. Taxi Isle of wight cowes 01983 520274

Taxi Isle of Wight Cowes-Team Building

Taxi Isle of wight cowes

Team building events are normally focused toward employees, although there are situations when they can be used for external audiences also. They usually take the format of a challenge, requiring teams to work together, in order to overcome or deliver a solution. Team building events are great for employee engagement, building moral, increasing collaboration and motivation.

The purpose of team building activities is to motivate your people to work together, to develop their strengths, and to address any weaknesses. So, any team building exercise should encourage collaboration rather than competition. Be sure to incorporate team building into your workplace routines and practices.

Ideas For Team Building

There are many different types of team building activities that you can consider doing in your team, falling into the categories of:

  • Outdoor/Indoor Pursuits
  • Workshops
  • Social Events
  • Community Service or Charitable Work
  • Changes to Work Practices
  • Individual Training/Development

Outdoor/Indoor Pursuits

There are a wide variety of pursuits available, from conventional ones such as canoeing or rock climbing, to more unusual ones, such as blind-four-wheel-driving or sheep-driving. We can’t list them all here, because there are so many, but there is a selection on our outdoor team building activities page. These pursuits are often expensive (typically starting in excess of £100/person).

If physical activity is a problem for some members of the group, then there are some outdoor pursuits that are less active, such as:

  • treasure hunt
  • making a video
  • hot air ballooning
  • cooking
  • etc.

If those are too active, you could then try indoor pursuits, such as:

  • 10-pin bowling
  • Quasar
  • Casino games
  • etc.


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